Seduction and Snacks (Chocolate Lovers #1)


"Yes, Mommy, tell us. Are you going to spank Carter for being a bad boy?" Liz said in her best Marilyn Monroe voice. In the chaos of the shit storm that was happening, I never really got a good look at the kid Claire was holding. His back had been facing me up until a few seconds ago and I hadn’t been paying much attention when I caught him from running away outside. Claire had to shift him to her other arm so she could smack Liz. He was staring right at me now. He was a really good-looking kid. But that wasn't surprising since he looked just like her. But there was something about him…

I cocked my head to the side and he did the same. I realized no one was speaking but I couldn't take my eyes off of him. The edges of my vision started to turn black and I felt like I was going to pass out. He had my eyes. He had my f**king eyes! I quickly tried to do the math but my brain was a jumbled mess and I couldn’t remember what number comes after potato!

What the f**k is happening right now? This couldn't be real. My sperm betrayed me. I suddenly had a vision of my sperm swimming around and talking in Bruce Willis's voice like in Look Who's Talking. "Come on! Swim faster! This little shit has no idea we escaped from the condom! Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker!"

My Bruce Willis sperm is bad ass and thinks he's John McClane from "Die Hard." That is the only explanation for this f**kery.

"Who are you?" I asked the kid with my eyes when I finally found my voice.

"I'm Gavin Morgan, who the hell are you?"

11. Good Vibrations

Oh f**k.

My dad was going to kill Carter before I even got a chance to tell him that he was a father. Although, I was pretty sure that ship has sailed. He's either mentally challenged or in shock. Or I completely missed the fact that he liked to shout about hairy balls and being spanked.

Gavin did like to talk about his balls all the time. Could be hereditary…

"Who are you?" Carter whispered, staring straight at Gavin like he was trying to figure out the square root of pi in his head.

"I'm Gavin Morgan, who the hell are you?"

"GAVIN!" we all scolded, except for Carter. He still looked like he might throw up.

Shit, this was so not how I saw this happening. I knew after all of our conversations and how much I’d gotten to know Carter that I was going to have to come clean soon. And I had planned on telling him today, easing him into it.

After I plied him with enough alcohol to choke a horse.

"This is one of mommy's friends, buddy," I told Gavin. "Friend" seemed better than "the father you never knew you had" or “the guy who knocked mommy up” at the moment. I could wait until he was a teenager to scar him with that information.

Gavin started to get bored with the lack of excitement in the room since everyone pretty much just stood there and waited for Carter’s brain to explode. Gavin had the attention span of a two-year-old with ADD on crack. He started to squirm in my arms so I put him down. I held my breath as he stalked right over and stood in front of Carter with his hands on his hips.

"You're Mommy's fwiend?" he questioned.

Carter just nodded with his mouth open and no sound coming out. I’m pretty sure he didn’t even hear Gavin. Someone could have asked him if he liked to watch g*y  p**n  while painting pictures of kittens and he would have nodded his head.

Before anyone could react, Gavin pulled back one of his little fists of fury and slammed it right into Carters manhood. He immediately bent over at the waist, clutching his hands between his legs and gasping for breath.

"Oh my God! Gavin!" I yelled, as I scrambled over to him, bent down and turned him around to face me while my dad and Liz laughed like hyenas behind me.

"What is wrong with you? We don't hit people. EVER," I scolded.

While Carter tried to breathe again, my dad managed to stop laughing long enough to apologize.

"Sorry, Claire, that's probably my fault. I let Gavin watch "Fight Club" with me last night."

I am Claire’s complete mortification.

"Your fwiends got you sick the other night. You said he was your fwiend," Gavin explained, like it made all the sense in the world.

This just made my dad laugh even louder.

"Not helping, Dad," I growled through clenched teeth.

"You don't make my mommy sick, dicky-punk!" Gavin yelled at Carter, putting his two little fingers up by his eyes, and then pointing them right at Carter just like Liz had done to him earlier.

"Jesus Christ," Carter wheezed. "Did he just threaten me?"

"Jesus Cwist!" Gavin repeated back.

Liz scurried over then and scooped Gavin up into her arms.

"Okay, little man, how about me, you and Papa go for a walk and talk about big-people words?" she asked him as she walked over to my dad and grabbed him around the elbow.

I stood up and shot her a look of thanks. She just smiled and dragged my dad out the door with Gavin talking her ear off about something he saw on Spongebob.

When Carter and I were finally alone, I chanced a look at him. He didn't look pissed. He didn't look sad. He just looked like he had no idea where he was or what day it was. We stood there looking at each other for several minutes until the silence finally got to me.

"Would you please say something?" I begged.

Just moments ago I was blissfully happy that he finally figured out who I was. He held me close and he was going to kiss me. Now everything was ruined and it was my fault for not telling him sooner.