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The Long Hot Summer (The Blackstones of Virgina #1)


The Long Hot Summer (The Blackstones of Virgina #1)

After his wife walked out on him and his son, veternarian Ryan Blackstone swore never to love again. He'd tried to dislike beautiful Kelly Andrews-the teacher hired to run Blackstone Farms Day School-on general principle, but failed. And it wasn't long before the sultry widow had ignited a firestorm of emotion that was burning a sensuous trail…straight to his heart Ryan had shattered Kelly's visions of a lonely future since that first mind-bending, knee-weakening kiss. Before she knew it, he was oh-so-close to tearing down her defenses. Even as Kelly gave in to the passion they both ached to statisfy, Kelly wondered–was what Ryan felt for her love or just lust?1

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