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Blood Reunion (Blood Destiny #10)


Blood Reunion (Blood Destiny #10)

"My love, the child almost died." Lissa looked up at Roff's words. His wings rustled after he spoke–he normally didn't involve himself in the politics of Le-Ath Veronis. Not to this extent, anyway.

"I know, honey. And now two other children are likely to die as a result. Yes, I know they did this, but I'm not convinced we have all the ones involved in the crime."

Toff's life is in danger–someone from the Green Fae village wants him dead. In fact, the entire Fae community has begun to grumble as Kifirin's judgment looms. With only a few exceptions, the Fae focus their anger (and the blame) on Toff, who fails to understand why everyone now seems to be against him.1

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