Possessed and starving, Alexander’s breathing turned raspy, guttural against her mouth, and when he opened her wide and suckled her tongue, the muscles around her cunt rippled… spasmed, then exploded with heat – with delectable tremor after tremor.

Sara cried out and bucked frantically against him, her nails scratching at his skin as she sent her true mate into four massive, battering thrusts than ended in the hottest snarling climax of Alex’s long life.

It was moments before they recovered. Clinging to each other, shaking, both breathing in gulps of air as the night closed in around them – their eyes found each other and locked.

“Alex…” she uttered softly, desperately. “My Alex…” God, she loved him so…

“I’m afraid, Sara,” he whispered harshly, gripping her buttocks, pulling her closer, keeping his cock inside of her where it was home and happy.

She reached out and touched his face, her eyes imploring him. “Tell me. Please.”

“If we do this…” He shook his head. “I will make such mistakes.”

Her heart surged. Smiling gently, she nodded. She understood him now. “So will I.”

“I would need to learn patience.”

“Me too.”

He stilled, his eyes suddenly fierce. “I would kill anything that brought ours harm – including myself.”

Sara leaned in and bit his lower lip, then licked off the blood. “Then you have the true nature of a father, my love.”

His nostrils flared as he stared hard and deep into her eyes. It was as emotional as Alexander Roman allowed himself to be. But Sara understood it, understood him. Fear and concern had given way to hope, and her heart soared.

“Close your eyes, my Sara,” he commanded, and in seconds they were gone, flashed, hovering in momentary darkness as Alexander began again with thrusts so slow and languid and delicious, Sara felt like a new bride again.

Her body clung to his as they landed, just as her cunt squeezed around his cock. A sudden gust of sea air filled her nostrils and she smiled.

The lighthouse.

Alexander’s lighthouse.

And when he pulled back from her embrace, his eyes shown with the dearest of love. “Our balas would be conceived here, Sara. Where I found freedom, where I was brought back to life – where I fell in love with its beautiful, kind and forgiving mother.”

“Are you sure,” Sara said, the surf at her back, her heart pounding with life. “That you have enough love for three?”

Alex grinned then, his fangs dropping low as he continued to pump slowly inside of her. “For three. For four. Maybe for more.”

Sara laughed, and as the waves crashed behind her, new waves swelled within her. He was magic. He was her life, her love, her true mate, and one day, he would be the father of her child. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him, spoke sweetly to him, rocked with him as they made love.

And possibly a balas.

The End